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The DISL 2012 Summer Programs is expanding this year! The DISL 2012 Undergraduate Program will offer four sessions: a two-week May Term [May 14 -May 25]; a four-week First Summer Session [May 28 - June 22]; a four-week Second Summer Session [June 25 – July 20); and followed by a four-week Third Summer Session (July 23-August 17]. During these four sessions, over 25 marine science courses of varying amounts of credit are offered. All students must register for summer classes and housing directly with the DISL beginning in January each year. Students must also register at their home university when registration opens.
Students from DISL Member Schools register and receive credit for DISL courses directly through their home campus. Other students may receive credit by arrangement between their institution and the DISL, or by registering as a transient student at a DISL Member School.

During the summer, a majority of students are in residence on the DISL campus. Class schedules and field trips often require students to spend some evening and weekend time working in the laboratory, on class projects or on extended field 
exercises. These courses emphasize to learning through 'hands on' laboratory and research experience.

To learn more about the DISL Summer Program, course offerings and registration procedures, please follow the links below. Students at DISL member schools should contact the DISL Liaison Officer at their school. Students not attending a DISL member school should contact the Registrar of University Programs at the DISL, Sally Brennan, (251 861-2141) extension 2256.

Check the information below 
(251) 861-2141
University Programs Chair, Dr. John Valentine Ext 2256
University Programs Registrar, Sally Brennan Ext 2256
Bursar, Ashley Foster Ext 7562
Information Technology, Melissa Mills Ext 7521
Library, Dennis Patronas Ext 7517
Comptroller, David England Ext 7510

The Dauphin Island Sea Lab reserves the right to make changes as required in course offerings, curricula, academic policies, and other rules and regulation affecting students, to be effective whenever determined by DISL. Interpretations of these policies will be made by the appropriate DISL authorities, keeping in mind the interests of the students and DISL. Enrollment of all students is subject to these conditions. 

MESC/Dauphin Island Sea Lab provides equal opportunity to, and is open and accessible to, all qualified students, without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, sex or qualified handicap/disability.

Disabled students will be provided "reasonable accommodations" when they have identified themselves and validated their special need(s). Complete confidentiality is maintained unless authorization for release of information has been given.

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